Audits are generally something that are forced upon you either by statute or by your organisations rules but they do not have to be an unpleasant experience.

Whether we are auditing a Company, Charitable Trust, Body Corporate, Incorporated Society or a Not for Profit entity we try to work alongside you to ensure that you get the most out of the audit experience as possible.

We aim to complete audits in a timely and efficient manner and to not only cover the statutory regulations, but to also use them to give you a clear view of your business.  This will help you in assessing which areas need to be changed in order to improve your overall performance.

We have a lot of experience with auditing and our work complies with the International Auditing Standards as adopted in New Zealand. We use the latest technology to assist with our audits when possible.

We provide you with a very clear list of what is required from your organisation and work with you to complete the audit with the least interruption to your business.  These audits can be carried out either in our office or yours, depending on the requirements of the audit. 

If you need an auditor we are happy to look at your situation and whenever possible we will provide a quote for the work prior to undertaking the job.

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