Accounting Services


Annual Financial Accounts 

Our aim is to make the process of completing your Annual Accounts as easy as possible for you, as we understand that your time is important.  We provide you with a questionnaire, tailored to your business that allows you to easily collect together everything that we need to prepare both your Annual Accounts and business and personal tax returns.

The systems that we have in place in our office ensure that all Financial Accounts are prepared in accordance with the Financial Reporting standards applicable to your situation and the Income Tax Act.  Once they are completed, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our partners to discuss your results and plan for the future.

Monthly Accounting 

Do you need to know on a monthly or two monthly basis, where your business is going?  We can prepare management accounts for you so that you have up-to-date information, including important pointers such as gross profit analysis, by the middle of the following month.

We have found that the easiest and quickest way to do this, is to liaise with your bank to have your business information imported directly into our computer system at the end of each month. This drastically reduces the paperwork you need to supply. From here we can liaise with you for any further information required and quickly produce up-to-date accounts and GST returns.

Our experience has shown that this is an essential business tool, especially when you are intent on building your business or maintaining your profitability.  Together we can quickly see new trends or problems that may be arising and act on them.



As part of your business, or as an individual, you need to be aware of your taxation obligations, as it can be a major cost.  We have the knowledge to be able to help and advise you on all aspects of taxation. 

We will complete your annual tax returns for the Inland Revenue Department and send you timely reminders when you are due to make either a terminal or provisional tax payment.  We will also act on your behalf with any IRD tax audits or disputes, leaving you free to focus on the everyday running of your business.

Our partners are always available to talk to you about tax matters, to ensure that your business is structured in the best possible way to minimise your tax liabilities.

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